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Subjects: Law: Foreign Law

Purpose of this guide

This guide is intended for students and researchers studying the current law and legal systems, and legal history of the countries of the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey (Türkiye) at the University of Oxford, although students and researchers from any field may find it useful.

Use this guide to find out about sources and commentary for Middle Eastern, North African jurisdictions and Turkey (Türkiye), including ebooks, ejournals, and databases.

Middle Eastern, North African and Turkish (MENAT) : quick start

Resources for holders of an Oxford SSO

Online resources available to all with access to the internet

Printed resources in the Law Bod

Works on individual jurisdictions are shelved, under the name of the country, on Level 1 one floor beneath the level at which you enter the library.

On Level 2, the entrance level to the library, are works with shelf marks beginning General or KB. These are comparative studies.

On Level 3, one floor above the entrance level, there are small collections of works on the religious legal traditions of Islamic and Jewish law. On Level 3 are also works dealing with an international law dimension (eg humanitarian law, human rights, maritime claims, world trade) with shelf marks starting Internat, works on Conflict of Laws with shelf marks beginning  Private Int,  and the Bandar Collection of international trade law (the latter collection in Arabic only).

For more detailed guidance please visit the Books page in this guide - and always feel free to ask at the Law Library's Enquiry Desk if you have any questions when visiting us.

Your searches in SOLO may well reveal that other libraries in Oxford have titles which could support your studies. Below is an example of one such title where the print copy is held in the Bodleian Social Science Library.

SOAS, part of the University of London, specialises in the study of Asia, Africa and the Near and Middle East. Consequently its library has strong purchasing policy in works relating to the laws and legal systems of these regions. Oxford based researchers are warmly advised to check SOAS's online catalogue to see how far its collection could supplement what is available in the Bodleian.

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