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Human Rights: UN

United Nations

This first online resource requires an Oxford SSO

The following online resources are available to anyone with access to the internet

United Nations Human Rights bodlies

The United Nations has many sections whose work you may encounter while studying human rights. Below is an explanation of frequently used abbreviations with links through to the English version of the home page of each institution!  There is also a fuller list of UN acronyms on the UN website at

Books on the UN's role in IHR

Below are just a few of the book avaliable in the Bodleian Law Library. Click on the title below to see the full holdings.


Below is the main RSS feed for UN Human Rights.  You can have a look at the broad range of RSS feed produced by the United Nations at United Nations News Centre

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UN documents and publications

Tools to find UN documents or publications.

The Bodleian Official Papers team have a specialist guide, and are happy to assist via email or appointment

Other guides accessible to all with access to the internet