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Human Rights: especially for IHRL MSc

Using SOLO to find reading list material


You should be able to access your reading directly via ORLO.  However if you have problems with any links, below is a video showing how to find material via SOLO.  A video at a better resolution can be found here  Pause at any time to practice using SOLO.  There are also written instructions with screenshots in the section below.

Accessing Articles via SOLO

Below are instructions with screenshots to help you find articles using SOLO.

Help at a distance


The Law Bod does have Skype available and so you can contact us using that.  This is especially useful if you are having trouble accessing something as we can share screens.  If you want to contact us on Skype then email  If you do not know about Skype then more information can be found @

Guide: Remote Access

The best way of accessing subscription resources off campus is by using your Oxford Single Sign On.

New members of the University are sent the account details in a letter from IT Services to the member's primary University address, normally within three working days of the new University card being issued. The account then needs to be activated within 30 days.

The Oxford Single Sign On is administered by the IT Services not by the Bodleian librarians. Further details, including what to do if you forget your password, is available here

It is the same password members of OU use for their university webmail & weblearn access.

You can then sign on to SOLO or your University email and your browser retains the sign on. This allows you to access most e-resources as if you were on campus.  For more information see the presentation below.

There is an alternative: the VPN (Virtual Private Network) route. For this you will have to Register with IT Services to log on to the network via VPN. Once logged on you can access all e-resources as if you were on campus.

For further information see the Bodleian Libraries remote access guide.