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Human Rights: Courts and Cases

Finding the decisions and rules of procedure of international courts

The official websites of each court make their rules and decisions freely available to anyone with access to the internet.

Quick links to the relevant sites of the regional courts of human rights are below:

On Level 2, the floor at which you enter the library you will find

United Kingdom Human Rights Reports (UKHRR)  - Classmark Cw UK 120 U75

On Level 1, one floor beneath the entrance level to the Law Library you will find:

Butterworths Human Rights Cases (BHRC)  -Classmark: General 100 B90.  Also available to OU members on Lexis + UK

On Level 3, one floor above the entrance level to the Law Library you will find:

European Commission of Human Rights, decisions and reports (D.R.) - Classmark: Internat 150 E41.  Selected decisions also available via HUDOC

European Court of Human Rights Judgments (Decision and Pleadings, Series A & B) - Classmark: Internat 150 E45

European Human Rights Report (EHRR)  - Classmark: Internat 150 E60. Also available to OU members on Westlaw Edge UK

Inter-American Court of Human Rights Reports  - Classmark: Internat 145

International Human Rights Reports (IHRR) - Classmark: Internat 300 I162


Holders of an Oxford SSO have access to the following subscription databases

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Other HUDOC searchable databases

In addition to HUDOC ECHR & HUDOC EXEC there are the following specialist databases:

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