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Human Rights: Europe

Law Reports

European Commission of Human Rights, decisions and reports (D.R.) - Classmark: Internat 150 E41. Selected decisions also available via HUDOC

European Court of Human Rights Judgments (Decision and Pleadings, Series A & B) - Classmark: Internat 150 E45

European Human Rights Report (EHRR) - Classmark: Internat 150 E60. Also available to OU members on Westlaw UK

European Court of Human Rights, Series A:  judgments and decisions - Classmark: Internat 150 E44

European Court of Human Rights, Series B: Pleadings - Classmark: Internat 150 E45



Human Rights in Europe

The Council of Europe was established in 1948.  Article 3 of the Statute of Council states that members should undertake to ensure human rights and fundamental freedoms.  Under the Council two major human rights instruments were made.  The European Convention of  Human Rights (full title being Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms) and The European Social Charter.  The Council website has information about itself and it's activities as well as the text of Council of Europe treaties via it's Treaty Office.

ECHR supplied by frankartculinaryEuropean Court of Human Rights was established by the Council of Europe in 1959 to hear cases against member nations in relation to possible breaches of human rights under the Convention.  The website has information and basic text relating to the court.  Between 1959 and 1998 The European Commission of Human Rights existed to hear potential cases and if they were well founded the case would then proceed on to the Court.  These are often know as either 'admissability decisions' or 'decisions and reports' and a selection are reported up to 1998 in a printed series called European Commission of Human Rights Decisions and Reports (abbreviated to D.R.).  In 1998 the Court started to sit as a full time Court (under Protocol 11) and so now makes admissability decisions within it's own system.

HUDOC ( judgments and decisions of the ECHR) is a database of judgments from the European Court of Human rights. It also includes admissibility decisions, opinions and reports.  The site can be searched by party name, application number, subject or you can search the database for cases relating to specific articles of the Convention. For further help in finding information see the presentation below or see the tutorials prepared by the Court.

The collection in the Bodleian Law Library is contained mainly within the International Section but some of these publications will also be available online.  See the left hand boxes for a list of the different law reports, textbooks and journals and locations.  For further help see the presentation below.

Electronic Sources

Westlaw UK - subscription service available to OU members via SOLO

European Human Rights Reports - (v.1 - ) 

European Human Rights Reports: Commissions Decisions - (v.5-38)

European Human Rights Reports: Summaries and Extracts

European Human Rights Law Review - (1996- )

European Journal of International Law - (2002- )


Lexis Library - subscription service available to OU members via SOLO

European Court of Human Rights Cases - selected judgments going back to 1960

Butterworth's Human Rights Cases (some European material included)


Justis - subscription service available to OU Members via SOLO

European Human Rights Case Law - selected judgments (including Series A) going back to 1960