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China, Hong Kong and Macau: legal resources: PRC law

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Bodleian K B Chen China Centre Library

The Bodleian Chinese Studies library moved to the new China Centre in the grounds of St Hugh’s College, Canterbury Road in July, 2014.
At the same time, the library’s name changed to:    

Law of the People's Republic of China : quick start

Printed resources

The Bodleian Law Library's collection of printed books on  PCR law have shelf marks starting  China. There are separate sections for Hong Kong and Taiwan. The current collection is shelved on Level 1 - one floor below the entrance level.

Most of the commentary in print is in English, or includes a translation into a Western European language.

Searches of the catalogue may reveal useful titles are held in other Bodleian establishments such as The Bodleian K B Chen China Centre Library or the Bodleian Social Science Library

Electronic resources