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Italian Literature & Language: E-resources: general

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The following libraries are key libraries whose collections and catalogues are helpful for the study and research of Italian literature and language.

Italian libraries

Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di FirenzeThe National Central Library of Florence

Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Roma: The National Central Library of Rome

Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale Marciana Venezia: The National Central Library of Rome

Instituto Centrale per il Catalogo Unico: the union catalogue for Italian libraries

British libraries

British Library: The National Library of Great Britain

Parker Library (Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, UK)Digitised manuscripts (some with illuminations).

Warburg Institute Library (London)Major research institute for the study of the classical tradition as manifested in later centuries (e.g. in Western Europe, Byzantium and early Islamic countries). Its library, photographic collection and archive all have extensive holdings.


WorldCatUnion catalogue of major research universities worldwide with an emphasis on US university libraries.


BASILI -- Banca dati scrittori immigrati in lingua italiana
Compiled by Maria Cristina Mauceri,Armando Gnisci, Franca Sinopoli. Contains information on Italian migrant and immigrant writers including references to criticism and theses regarding these authors.

Dizionario biografico degli italiani (DBI)
Full-text/abbreviated online version of the extended essays on Italians through history. [Note : Currently only about half-way through the alphabet.] Essential biographical resource for major and minor figures in all subject areas. Excellent bibliographies (albeit somewhat out-of-date for the earliest-added entries).
NOTE: This database is unstable. Attempts to search it may prove unsuccessful.

Italian Women Writers
Access to an extensive corpus of literature written by Italian women authors. Biographies, portraits, editions are indicated. Loading of full-texts is ongoing.



Archivio Storico Istituto Luce
Photographs and film footage documenting events and a changing society in C20th Italy, from L.U.C.E. (L'Unione Cinematografica Educativa, founded in 1924).

Union collection of image collections worldwide. Approaching 1,000,000 images covering all periods, all geographic areas andperiods  in the Humanities. Includes ca. 25,000 images from the Bodleian's Medieval & Renaissance manuscripts collection and ca. 80,000 images from the Magnum Photo Archive, with many film-related photographs.

For other image databases see Art & Architecture: Images 

Journals: indices and full-text

Italinemo (Riviste di italianistica nel mondo)
Index to Italian studies periodicals published worldwide since 2000. Includes an abstract for each article.

Full-text (mostly English-language) journals in all subject areas.
NOTE: The most recent issues of each journal are NEVER included.

MLA International Bibliography
Produced by the Modern Languages Association. Citations for journals, books, collections of essays, conference proceedings, etc., published worldwide.

OU e-Journals
Links to all the e-journals to which Oxford subscribes.

Language dictionaries and atlases

  • Dizionario De Mauro (Internazionale)
  • Dizionario Garzanti
  • Sabatini Coletti
  • Lessicografia della Crusca
    Online access to the contents of the five Accademia della Crusca editions of its Vocabolario.
  • Library of Latin Texts (Oxford Users Only)
    World's leading database for Latin works with over 32,000 texts and 63 million Latin words, spanning from Antiquity to the twentieth century. Includes medieval Latin texts (eg, Dante). Series A is the preferred set to use (data is more complete). Use Series B as backup if you can't find what you are looking for in Series A.
  • Oxford-Paravia Concise Dictionary
  • Tesoro della Lingua Italiana delle Origini (TLIO)
  • Treccani databases and dictionaries 
    Access to the Treccani encyclopedias, dictionaries and the Dizionario biografico degli italiani (DBI). 
  • Tommaseo Online
    Electronic version of Nicolò Tommaseo and Bernardo Bellini's nineteenth-century dictionary.
  • Vocabolario toscano dell'arte del disegno, by Filippo Baldinucci
    Electronic version of Filippo Baldidnucci’s Vocabolario toscano dell'arte del disegno ...: con la notizia de, nomi e qualità delle gioie, metalli, pietre dure, marmi, pietre tenere, sassi, legnami, colori, strumenti, et ogn, altra materia, che servir possa, tanto alla costruzione di edificj e loro ornato, quanto alla stessa pittura e scultura (Firenze: Santi Franchi, 1691). An art- and architecture-focused precursor to the Vocabolario della Crusca, Baldinucci’s dictionary is an excellent place for research into the history of Italian art and technology terminology, especially terms relating to practices and techniques.
    Collection of online language dictionaries.

Finding other e-resources

Use Databases A-Z to browse and access online resources and databases in Italian literature and languages as well as all subjects.

Finding articles, essays, reviews

Catalogo italiano dei periodiciUnion catalogue of Italian libraries periodicals and the articles inside them.
MLA International Bibliography: Produced by the Modern Languages Association. Citations for journals, books, collections of essays, conference proceedings, etc., published worldwide.

L'Indice de libri del mese: a monthly publication of cultural information

Theses & dissertations

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global
Full-text database of dissertations and theses. You can do a Global Search or restrict your search to academic institutions in the UK and Ireland.

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Treccani database provide online access to :

  • Dizionario biografico degli italiani (1960- ) [full-text]
  • Enciclopedia italiana di scienze, lettere ed arti (1929-81) [partial full-text]
  • Enciclopedia del novecento (1975- ) [full-text]
  • Enciclopedia biografica universale (2006- ) [full-text]

Linguistic Corpora, by Alessandro Carlucci