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Classics for Continuing Education: Home

A guide to Library resources for Classical Studies.

Purpose of this guide

This guide is intended for students and researchers studying classical subjects in the Department of Continuing Education, such as Latin, Ancient Greek, Ancient History or Roman archaeology.

Who can use which resources?

Short course students

(including WOW, Weekly Class and short online courses)

Students enrolled on a Continuing Education short course which includes a written assignment can:

  • register to borrow books and films from the Continuing Education Library.
  • access electronic resources such as e-books, journal articles and databases from within the university network, for example in the Library or in the resources room at Ewert House. Weekly class students cannot access subscription e-resources from home, but there are many free online resources available.  (See the tabs below for information about subscription and free resources).

Undergraduate and postgraduate students

(including students enrolled on Certificate, Diploma and Masters courses)

Students enrolled on an undergraduate or postgraduate Continuing Education course can:

Finding books

Oxford has a wide range of books (including ebooks and print books) for Classics.  For more information about finding books visit the following tabs on this guide: Ancient Greek tab, Latin tab, Ancient History tab, Classical Archaeology tab and Classical Philosophy tab.

Oxford Online Resources

Oxford subscribes to many scholarly databases. They can be used to locate journal articles, conference proceedings, books, patents, images, data and more. You can find some of the key databases for Classics below.  Take a look at the following tabs of this guide for more information: Ancient Greek tab, Latin tab, Ancient History tab, Classical Archaeology tab and Classical Philosophy tab.

Free Online Resources

There are many scholarly resources which are freely available on the web.   Key free web resources are listed below and on the 'Free Online Resources' tab.

Rewley House Continuing Education Library

The Library

Contact info

Rewley House Continuing Education Library
Rewley House
1 Wellington Square

Tel.01865 270454


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Key Libraries

Here are some of the key libraries for Classics; a full list of libraries is on the Bodleian Libraries website: