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Classics for Continuing Education: Classical Archaeology

A guide to Library resources for Classical Studies.

Finding books in the Continuing Education Library

Books on Classical Archaeology are on the lower floor of the Library. Reference books such as dictionaries and encyclopedias can be found in the Jessup Reading Room. Key numbers are:

709.37-38     Roman and Greek Art                  738.38       Greek Pottery     
722.7-722.8   Roman and Greek Architecture      936.104 Roman Britain
733 Roman and Greek Sculpture 937 Roman Archaeology and History
738.09361 Romano-British Pottery 938 Greek Archaeology and History
738.0937 Roman Pottery 939 Aegean Archaeology

Oversize books are located in the Lower Library (001 – 936.283) and in the Reading Room (936.284 – 999).


Many e-books purchased by Bodleian Libraries are available and can be found on SOLO. You can access the content of these on PCs in the Library or in the Resource room at Ewert House. For more information about e-books, see see Oxford LibGuide on ebooks.

Here is a selection of titles:

Oxford's online resources

You can find useful e-resources on Databases A-Z.

Free online resources

You can find many good quality, free resources on the internet. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:


The Rewley House Continuing Education Library does not subscribe to any printed journals in this subject. However, many electronic journals are available through PCs in the Library and in the Resource Room at Ewert House. Titles include:

Classical Antiquity

Journal of Roman Archaeology

Rosetta: papers of the Institute of Archaeology and Antiquity, University of Birmingham Classical Antiquity


Finding articles

In addition to Google Scholar and Articles tab on SOLO, there are databases you can use to search for articles, including the following:

L'Année Philologique

Public Library resources

Reference material

Most public library authorities give members access to a range of online reference material. You can access much of this at home using your public library card.

Oxfordshire's Reference Online resources includes:

Other public library services will provide similar resources. Find your lcoal library service on the UK.Gov website

Journal articles

Access to Research logoAccess to Research is an initiative which provides free access to academic e-journals in public libraries. Note that you cannot access them at home, only in libraries. You can find a full list of partcipating libraries as well as information about the journals included on the Access to Research website