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Visiting archives in Germany: a guide to discovering and using them: Further reading

This guide is designed to help you finding your way through German archives and to enable you identifying exactly what you need for your research - quick and easy.


The information presented in this LibGuide is taken from the following sources.  All of them are highly recommended for further reading:

Archivschule Marburg
The Archives School Marburg is the principal centre for the training and continued professional development of archivists in Germany. Its webpage provides extensive information on archives and archivists in Germany.

Martin Burkhardt: Tutorium Archivarbeit, in: / eStudies
eStudies is a German web-portal for the “modern humanities “. Offering online-tutorials for the study of history it is aimed at students and junior researchers.

Sabine Brenner-Wilczek, Gertrude Cepl-Kaufmann and Max Plassmann: Einführung in die moderne Archivarbeit, Darmstadt 2006.
This is a well-structured introduction to German archives and working in archives. The four research-examples for topics from medieval history, early modern history, the 19th century, and contemporary history are definitely worth reading.

Further reading

Archive in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz, 23rd edn, Münster 2015.
Directory to German, Austrian and Swiss archives

Friedrich Beck and Eckart Henning (ed.): Die archivalischen Quellen: Mit einer Einführung in die Historischen Hilfswissenschaften, 5th edn, Köln 2012).
Michael Hochedlinger: Aktenkunde: Urkunden- und Aktenlehre der Neuzeit, Wien 2009.

Both books are standard works regarding the study of sources and records.

Karl Bruns: Die Amtssprache: Verdeutschung der hauptsächlichsten im Verkehre der Gerichts- und Verwaltungsbehörden sowie in Rechts- und Staatswissenschaft gebrauchten Fremdwörter, Münster 2004 (reprint of the 1915 edn).
This is a reference-book for a highly specialized vocabulary: The “administrative German” (Verwaltungsdeutsch) of the 18th and 19th century.

Kurt Dülfer and Hans-Enno Korn: Gebräuchliche Abkürzungen des 16. - 20. Jahrhunderts, 9th edn, Marburg 2004.
As long as people had to write by hand, they tried to speed up this tiresome task by substituting syllables or whole words with various signs and symbols. This book provides the meaning for the most common abbreviations of modern times.

Norbert Reimann and Wolfgang Bockhorst (ed.): Praktische Archivkunde: Ein Leitfaden für Fachangestellte für Medien- und Informationsdienste, Fachrichtung Archiv, 3rd edn, Münster 2014.
Eckhart G. Franz: Einführung in die Archivkunde, 9th edn, Darmstadt 2013.

These two books are recommended for those interested in in-depth treatment of German archives and archive studies.