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OxLibris: Before your session

Information about the OxLibris scheme for local Oxfordshire state school sixth form pupils.

2021 Library Sessions Closed

We are unable to run OxLibris library sessions during the 2020-21 school year because of restrictions to library capacity put in place as part of Covid-19 safety measures.
Instead, we have produced a range of resources designed to develop the study skills needed to complete the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) or other coursework. You can find these by under the 'Study Skills' tab.

We are also offering online taught study skills sessions for sixth form and college classes.

If you would like more information about the scheme please contact

For more information about Bodleian Libraries visits for schools visit 

Things to do in preparation for your visit

There are a number of things you should do before your session to make sure you're prepared:

  • Plan how you will travel to the library session and how much time you need to allow to arrive on time.  You will be given details of the meeting point for the session you are attending in your booking confirmation.
  • If you are attending an independent study session we will ask you to give us a list of books, articles, or other resources you would like to read when you book your session.
  • If you are attending a school session with a teacher you do not have to have a fixed list of resources that you wish to use, but if you have found resources you are particularly keen to read during your visit then make a note of them and bring their details to the session with you so that you can find them more quickly.

During the session

You can make copies of material within copyright limits.  The limits are:

  • 1 chapter or 10% of a book
  • 1 article from a journal

You cannot copy more than this because it would break copyright laws.

We recommend that you bring a camera or camera phone and a USB stick or have an email address you can access via the web.  This way you can photograph sections from resources in libraries or save copies of resources available online.

Makes sure you have recorded the details of which resources your copies come from (e.g. the details of the book a chapter is in) so that you can reference them correctly in your essay.

Library rules

Most libraries follow the same general rules:

  • You are welcome to drink bottled water in most libraries but please don’t eat food, chew gum or drink other drinks, which can damage books and attract pests.
  • Handle books with care - and definitely don't write on them.
  • Please keep your voice down in the library so you don’t disturb other researchers.
  • Ask library staff if you are unsure how to do or find something - this includes finding books, computers, exits and toilets!

Desk with books

What to bring with you

We recommend that you bring the following things with you to your session:

  • Something to make notes - pens, pencils, paper etc
  • A camera or camera phone in case you want to make a copy of resources, within copyright limits
  • A map or note of directions so you know how to get to the library
  • The contact phone number given in the booking confirmation in case you have any problems getting to the session.

library books and notes