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Lady Margaret Hall Library: Using the Library

Hygiene measures

Facemasks and Sanitiser
Facemasks and hand sanitising are no longer required, but are always welcome, especially when moving around communal areas (particularly if you are vulnerable to or currently have any respiratory ailments).

There are hand sanitiser points by the entrance/exit, printer/photocopier/scanner, and self-service machine.

Study Spaces
The desks are cleaned regularly, but cleaning supplies are also provided for you to clean the desks yourself before and after use.

Nothing may be left on desks when you aren’t present so that they can be cleaned. Please return all books that you have used to a reshelving trolley, even if you haven’t checked them out. If you have checked them out, please check them in first via the self-service machine.

Book delivery
If you want books to be delivered to the lodge pigeonholes or your college room (for example because you are self-isolating, are in a higher risk category, or have accessibility requirements), you can email us at and we will aim to deliver them within one working day. We can sometimes deliver to addresses outside college too, please email us to discuss this.

Borrowing and Returning

Borrowing Allowance

Most books can be borrowed (excluding journals, dictionaries, and some other reference books). Law books can be borrowed over the vacations only.  

College members can borrow up to 15 books at a time, and can renew their loans up to 4 times (if no-one else has requested them). Undergraduates borrow books for two weeks at a time or an entire vacation, Postgraduates for an entire term or vacation, Fellows and Staff for an entire year.

Checking books out

Books are checked out at the self-issue machine, following the instructions given (see the induction video for further demonstration). If you have any difficulties using the machine, please contact the library staff during opening hours, or fill in the loans form next to the machine.

If the security alarm goes off, the librarians will have been emailed a photo of you leaving the library. To stop us having to chase you, please fill in the details on the loans form.

Returning books

Use the self-service machine to check in books, following the instructions given (see the induction video for further demonstration). Once you've checked the book in, leave it on the reshelving trolley.

Requesting Books

We encourage you to recommend books for the Library, either by email at, via the suggestion sheet at the entrance, or by speaking to us in our office.

Let us know if you need more copies of a textbook, a new publication, or a book available elsewhere that you would like us to have. 

Library Rules

The Library is a quiet environment intended for study; talking should be in a low voice and kept to a minimum. Mobile phones and laptops must be on silent mode.

Food and drink is forbidden (with the exception of water in a bottle).

All books removed from the Library must be properly issued via the self-issue computer, or, if the self-issue computer is out of order, by filling in the manual borrowing sheet. Removing books from the Library without going through either of these procedures is theft.

Checked-out books should not be lent to other people; they remain the responsibility of the person who borrowed them from the Library. 

Fines for overdue books are charged at 10p per day. These will be charged to your battels. Long overdue books (due back at the start of term or before, but not returned by the end of 6th week) will face a £10 fine plus the cost of the book's replacement.

Please take any personal belongings with you when you leave your desk. The Library is tidied regularly, and lost property can be found on the Lost and Found table in the centre of the middle floor. 

IT, Printing and Photocopying


The library has several PCs available for general use on the lower floor. Sign-in using your SSO. 


From library computers a print job can be sent to the 'FollowMe on LMH-FRANCIUM' queue; to print from your laptop, go to and upload your document. Then use your Bod card to release your document at one of two printers (colour - next to the computer room; black-and-white - in the Law Library), or at the Porters' Lodge photocopier. 

Printing and photocopying charges are automatically added to your battels if you go over your free allowance. Undergraduates have a free allowance of 150 single sided mono copies per year, and graduates have 300 pages.

Scanning is free.


We have Eduroam throughout the building, as well as ethernet ports around the computers and desks.

Contact the Library

By email or phone:

The librarian, Jamie

Jamie Fishwick-Ford
(Librarian, they/them)

Contact Jamie for appointments to visit the library or to request new books for the library.
(01865) 274361

Sally Hamer
(Assistant Librarian, she/her)

Contact Sally with any queries or problems, to renew your books, or discuss lost books and lost property.
 (01865) 274236

A picture of Isambard, a brown-grey Siberian forest cat.

(Librarian's Cat, he/any)

Visit Issy in Jamie's office 3 or 4 days a week, if you need a break or are missing your pets at home!

In person: 

Our offices are located on the middle floor of Lady Margaret Hall Library, Norham Gardens, Oxford, OX2 6QA