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Lady Margaret Hall Library: Accessibility

Library staff work with readers who encounter barriers to accessing our materials to find suitable adjustments. We welcome suggestions about how we can enable all readers to make the most of the library.

Disabled students can contact the Bodleian Disability Librarian (email or the Disability Advisory Service ( to develop a personalised student support plan (SSP), which might include:

Extended loans
We usually put an extended loan period in place automatically when the Disability Librarian informs us of this requirement.

Proxy borrowing
Students can nominate another member of the college or a support worker to borrow books on their behalf.

Book delivery
Books can be delivered to students who require it, either to the Lower Floor, the Porters' Lodge, or to student rooms for those who live on site. Requests are made by email or another method agreed with the student.

Personalised induction
All students receive a library induction when they join the college, but upon request we can provide an individual induction (including step-free, or using a hearing loop).

Access guide

Get in touch if you have any questions about our facilities.


The library catalogue is available online at, allowing readers who face barriers to visit the library to choose materials for proxy borrowing or delivery.


There are parking spaces on the college site; these must be booked in advance through the permit system.

Physical access

A stair lift is available to the Middle Floor/Main Entrance, which is accessed through a powered door. Any users who wish to use this lift can be supplied with a key, or else Library staff can facilitate access on an individual basis.
Step-free access to the Lower Floor is available via a powered door. Desks can be reserved for users upon request, including height-adjustable desks. 
The Upper Floor is inaccessible to wheelchair users and those unable to use the stairs. Staff are happy to fetch resources or to set up proxy borrowing - let us know how you would prefer us to offer access.


Some shelves require a stool or are located on rolling shelving

Assistance animals

Assistance animals are always admitted with readers.


There are no toilets within the library, but toilets are available in an adjacent building where there are several standard gendered toilets and an accessible all-gender toilet.

Hearing support

To use our portable hearing loop, ask a member of staff.


Height-adjustable chairs are available throughout the downstairs floor, as well as two electronic height-adjustable desks. There is also a small desk with limited manual adjustability (angle and height).

Study aids

We have a range of visual, sensory and ergonomic equipment, free to use within the library (see list to the right).

Equipment gallery

New study aids - free to use within the library
Reading ruler

Reading rulers

A4 overlay

A4 overlays

A5 overlay

A5 overlays

Bar magnifier (2x)

Bar magnifier (2x)

Daylight lamp

Daylight lamp

Noise reduction headphones

Noise reduction headphones

Book rest

Book rest

Laptop stand

Laptop stand

Writing slope

Writing slope


Located outside the staff offices, our Study Skills shelves hold a collection of study aids as well as books covering study skills and life skills. To suggest new equipment, email Sally (, speak to us in the library offices, or write on the suggestions sheet outside the main entrance.

Visual aids

Reading rulers

A4 and A5 coloured overlays

Bar magnifier (2x magnification)

Daylight lamp


Noise reduction headphones


Book rests

Laptop stands

Writing slope

Contact the Library

Contact library staff to discuss how we can support your access to the library:

By phone or email:


The librarian, Jamie

Jamie Fishwick-Ford

(Librarian, they/them)

(01865) 274361


Sally Hamer

(Assistant Librarian, she/her)

(01865) 274236

In person: 

Our offices are located on the middle floor of Lady Margaret Hall Library, Norham Gardens, Oxford, OX2 6QA

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