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Italy : legal resources: Constitution

Italian constitution : Costituzione

 The current Italian constitution came into force on 1 January 1948. (Special issue Gazzetta Ufficiale della Repubblica 27 December 1947)

It arranges 139 articles under 4 sections

  • Fundamental principles
  • Rights and duties of Citizens
  • Organisation of the Republic
  • Transitional Provisions

Some articles cannot be revised or changed. Where amendment and development is possible, a special procedure is laid down by Article 138 of the Constitution. Once promulgated, these special Constitutional Laws are often referred to by a popular or short title.

This special court monitors all Italian laws and regulations to make sure they conform to the Constitution and its principles.

Corte costituzionale della Repubblica

Raccolta ufficiale delle sentenze e ordinanze della Corte costituzionale
v.LIX(1982)- v.CXLVI(2005) at Italy 100 C42

Commentary on Italian constitutional law