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Africa: sub-Saharan jurisdictions: Legislation & case law

Finding legislation and case law from Anglophone Africa

Online resources

Please see the suggestions for each nation under the Jurisdictions tab in this guide. The official websites of the legislatures is usually the best place to find updated, amended legislation.

There are also aggregators which collect national legislation but these tend to be of the legislation as originally promulgated.

Please use our separate guide for South Africa for help with sources for that jurisdiction

The Law Bod has subscriptions to some specialist legal databases for current OU students & faculty members.

As of 2023 the following Lagos High Court  report volume is not included in LLMC-Digital

Sources on the free web

There are some reliable collections of transcripts of judgments available free online.

The African Legal Information Institutes gather databases of court decisions which are available free to anyone with internet access.

The LawBod's collections of law reports for African countries varies considerably in strength & depth: you may well discover that for some countries the collection has an historic rather than a current emphasis. These are shelved on Level 1, one floor below the entrance level.

Most reports of African cases are shelved in discrete collections according to the country of origin. All Nigerian law reports series will be alongside each other, & will have shelf marks including Nigeria.

However, in some instances, the decisions of African courts may have also attracted the attention of editors of comparative or international law or human rights law report series. These will have shelf marks starting General (also to be found on Level 1) or Internat (for which you need to go to Level 3).

Please ask a member of staff to point you in the right direction!

If you have an Oxford SSO, and are interested in Law Reports from nineteenth century Africa, then it would be worthwhile checking that jurisdiction's name in LLMC-digital. This database is constantly growing.

Other legal traditions


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