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John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera and Women's Studies: Queens

A guide to finding the easiest ways to accessing ephemera of interest to Women's Studies in the John Johnson Collection

Other Queens

Trade card for Thomas Atkins, stationer, showing Queen Anne on his trade sign

Queen Anne Several early trade cards have Queen Anne's portrait as the Queen's Head. There is a small section relating to her in Ceremonial box 1. JJColl: Booktrade London A

Queen Caroline: Broadsides: Queen Caroline includes ephemera relating to the Green Bag Plot, satirical prints, and elegies

Queen Alexandra features in Ceremonial boxes 5 and 6  and in many advertisements, notably for Glenfield Starch and Alexandra Dentifrice! 

JJColl: Dentistry (42)

Advertisement for Alexandra dentifrice showing Queen Alexandra

Queen Victoria

Dissected puzzle titled British sovereigns or The Circle of historyLabel for The Royal Jubilee Stationery Cabinet showing a young Queen Victoria, 1887Advertisement for Golfer Oats, showing Queen Victoria: the two safeguards of the constitution, 1897Popular print showing the coronation of Queen Victoria (Langley's Coronation Characters)


The Collection is strong in Victorian ephemera and incorporates many images of the Queen. Boxes 2-4 of our Ceremonial section are devoted to Queen Victoria, but there is far more: Advertisements, the Great Exhibition, Games, Popular Prints & Political Cartoons

Top left:  British sovereigns or The Circle of history. British sovereigns, dissected puzzle. Ballam Collection: Ogilvy (7)

Top right: The Royal Jubilee Stationery Cabinet. JJColl: Labels 14 (13)

Bottom left: Advertisement for Golfer Oats. JJColl: Food 4 (69)

Bottom right: Coronation of Queen Victoria (Langley's Coronation Characters). JJColl: Trade in Prints and Scraps 6 (40)