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History databases wishlist & trials: African & Commonwealth wishlist

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  • scholarly
  • authoritative & peer-reviewed
  • accurate
  • up-to-date
  • complete
  • supported by editorials, documentation, guides.

Is there good functionality for

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  • searching & browsing
  • viewing, zooming, resizing
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  • alerts
  • clear display & navigation


  • Read editorial, helpfiles and FAQs
  • Test the same search using different methods

Is it relevant for other disciplines?

British Online Archives: British Records on the Atlantic World, 1700-1900

Microform Academic Publishers offers scholars and academics access to a range of primary sources relevant for modern history. The many collections include some relevant to Anglo-American history, 20th century political history and history of science and medicine from the 18th to the 20th century.

British Records on the Atlantic World, 1700-1900: This series brings together a wealth of collections spanning two centuries of Britain's colonisation, commercial, missionary and even literary relations with Africa and the Americas. Alongside the records of Liverpool merchants involved in the infamous Triangular Trade, there are those of slave plantation owners, of early Anglican missionaries, of naval and customs officials, and of a group of socialists from Lancashire, who maintained a lengthy correspondence over many years with the father of American poetry.

  • Records relating to the slave trade at the Liverpool Record Office
  • The papers of William Davenport & Co., 1745-1797 - Now available to Oxford users via SOLO or Databases A-Z.
  • Jamaican material in the Slebech papers - Now available to Oxford users via SOLO or Databases A-Z
  • Papers relating to the Jamaican estates of the Goulburn family of Betchworth House
  • Papers of the Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies, 1694-1709
  • Early colonial and missionary records from West Africa
  • The Canadian papers of the 4th Earl of Minto - Now available to Oxford users via SOLO or Databases A-Z.

These can be selectively purchased.

Trialled in July 2012.

British Online Archives: African Blue Books, 1821-1953

The Blue Book was a key item of considerable standing in 19th century colonial administration, Colonial Regulations of the time state that: "The Annual Blue Book containing accounts of the Civil Establishment, of the Colonial Revenue and Expenditure and of various statistical particulars etc. must be completed as early as possible after the close of each year. The various returns which it comprises must be filled up with the greatest possible accuracy and the Statistical Tables must be full and complete, blank copies of the book in sheets will be annually transmitted to each Colony from the Colonial Office". 

The Blue Books offer data such as income and expenditure which can be analysed and comparisons made between countries, through their use alone.This British Online Archive series provides access to the Blue Books for the colonial administrations in:

  • Basutoland (Lesotho), 1926-1946
  • Cape of Good Hope, 1821-1909
  • Gambia, 1828-1945
  • Gold Coast, 1846-1939
  • Kenya, 1901-1946
  • Nigeria, 1862-1945
  • Northern Rhodesia, 19241948
  • Nyasaland, 1904-1938
  • Sierra Leone, 1824-1943
  • Southern Rhodesia, 1906-1953
  • Tanganyika, 1921-1948
  • Uganda, 1901-1945
  • Zanzibar, 1913-1947


Missions and Missionaries Around the World, 1611 – 1922

Offering more than 2,000 monographs, the collection features missionary outreach to countries including India, China, Guyana, Tahiti, and the Marquesas Islands. Prominent authors include Morris Officer, Robert E. Speer, and Adrien Launay. Many Christian traditions are featured in the collection, including the Catholic Church, Presbyterian Church (USA), Lutheran Church, and Orthodox Church. The sources tell the stories of various Christian missions and missionaries throughout the world. It features foreign missions to over 50 countries and domestic missions within North America and Europe, with focus given to the 19th and early 20th centuries.

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