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Manuscripts: Early Modern: Online & General Catalogues

Online finding aids for Bodleian Archives & Manuscripts

New catalogue releases

For a complete list of newly available online catalogues (back to 2003) please see the:

General catalogues of Archives and Manuscripts at the Bodleian


The Quarto catalogues

A series of catalogues for the Ashmole, Canonici, Digby, Greek Manuscript, Laud, Rawlinson and Tanner collections (16-18th century). Now digitised.

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The Summary Catalogue

The Summary Catalogue is a multi-volume catalogue of Western Manuscripts received before 1915. Now digitised.

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The (New) Summary Catalogue

This picks up where the Summary Catalogue leaves off. The (new) Summary Catalogue provides brief descriptions of all post-medieval Western manuscripts acquired by the Library between 1916-1975. Now digitised.

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Post-1975 card index

For all accessions between the publication of the New Summary Catalogue and the first online catalogues in 2001. As this card index references accessions and not just catalogued material, there is cross-over between the card index and the online catalogues. The card index is found in the Rare Books and Manuscripts Reading Room reference area.

and the

Post-1975 catalogues

These unpublished catalogues bridge the gap between the (New) Summary Catalogue and the Online Catalogues, which were instituted in 2001. A full set of these catalogues can be found in the Rare Books Manuscripts Reading Room. Brief (collection-level) descriptions of all these post-1975 catalogued collections can also now be found in the Online Catalogues.

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The Online Catalogues of Archives and Manuscripts

Full descriptions of every collection catalogued since 2001 as well as brief (collection-level) descriptions of all the collections which were catalogued in the Summary and (New) Summary Catalogues and the unpublished post-1975 modern catalogues.

General printed finding aids and card indexes

General finding aids for non-Bodleian collections

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