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Criminology: Getting Started


Some of the links in this LibGuide are broken due to a system-wide change. We are aware of this, and are fixing the links. In the meantime, you will find all of the Bodleian Libraries subscription resources listed at A-Z Databases and SOLO.

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See also the latest print and digital resources in Criminology and Law purchased by the Bodleian Social Science Library.

Criminology Collections

The criminology collections are housed in two locations: the Bodleian Law Library and the Bodleian Social Science Library.

The Bodleian Social Science Library (SSL) houses the research and teaching collections of the former Centre for Criminology Library and is the primary library for teaching support in this subject. The SSL also holds a core journal collection and material reflecting the research interests of the Centre since it was founded in 1976.

The Bodleian Law Library has extensive UK legal deposit and foreign collections covering all aspects of law and includes historical and expansive works on crime, criminal justice and penal systems.