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Slavonic Special Collections: Biblioteca Hungarica

Biblioteca Hungarica

Bibliotheca Hungarica (Sacred and profane history, constitution, jurisprudence, literary history, geography, and topography from Hungary, Transylvania, Croatia, Dalmatia, and the other countries along the Danube) Kirchen- und Profan-Geschichte, Verfassung, Jurisprudenz, Literarhistorie, Geographie, und Topographie von Ungarn, Siebenbürgen, Croatien, Dalmatien und den unteren Donauländern. [Bodleian shelfmark 2590 a section of a bookseller’s catalogue.]

R. J. W. Evans, ‘Hungarica in the Bodleian: a historical sketch’, BLR 9(1978), pp. 333-45.

Macray, p. 353.

Craster, p. 76

Rare books named collections