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Slavonic Special Collections: Morfill Collection

Morfill collection


The Morfill collection (ca 4500 vols) was left to the Queen's College by Oxford's first Professor in Russian and the other Slavonic Languages, William Morfill (1834-1909).

  It has been deposited at the Taylor Bodleian Slavonic and Modern Greek Library since 1936.  It is a rich and eclectic collection containing the full range of Slavonic languages and literatures.

Highlights of the Morfill Collection

Belai͡a stai͡a : stikhotvorenii͡a. Kniga vtorai͡a. MORF.PG3476.A324.A6.C5(1)

Anno Domini : stikhotvorenii͡a. Kniga tretʹi͡a Akhmatova, Anna Andreevna, 1889-1966. 1923 | Izd. 2., dop. | Peterburg : Izd-va Petropolis i Alkonost | 105 p. : port. ; 20 cm. | book MORF.PG3476.A324.A6.C5(1)

Zhiteĭskīi͡a vozzri͡enīi͡a kota Murra : vmi͡esti͡e s otkryvkami bīografīi kapelʹmeĭstera Īoganna Kreĭslera, izlozhennoĭ v dobavochnykh makulaturnykh listakh Hoffmann, E. T. A. (Ernst Theodor Amadeus), 1776-1822. | Balʹmont, Konstantin Dmitrievich, 1867-1942 1893 | S.-Peterburg : Izd. A.S. Suvorina | 4 pts. in 3 v. ; 16 cm. | book MORF.PG3453.B2.Z315