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Slavonic Special Collections: 17th century

17th century

Apart from Ludolf's grammar and Polikarpov's Leksikon mentioned in the highlights, the Slavonic library has two other 17th century items of note.  There is a 17th century volume of Canons (Kanonnik 1646) (Arch.A.R257.646) and a Patristic anthology (1665) (o.Arch.A.R257.665) both from the collection of Professor Anne Pennington (1934-81).  These are numbered 101 and 128 respectively in the Union Catalogue of Cyrillic books published before 1701.


Cleminson, Ralph [et al.]  Cyrillic books printed before 1701 in British and Irish collections: a Union Catalogue London, 2000 (SIMM.Z1013.2000.C9)