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Foundation Certificate in English Literature: a guide to online resources: Books & eBooks

Books and eBooks

How do I find books from my reading list?
If you want to find which titles from your reading lists are available in Oxford's libraries, you will need to use SOLO (Search Oxford Libraries Online).

This includes a catalogue of all materials held by the Bodleian Libraries and most college libraries also have their collections listed here. There is an online guide to SOLO which will get you started with using the library catalogue.

What are eBooks?
eBooks are an extremely valuable and often underused resource. Key reference works are available online and provide you with full search facilities so it is much easier and quicker to search for specific themes than it would be to search indexes in a print copy. There is also the obvious advantage of being able to use ebooks when libraries are closed or when the titles you require are out on loan and in heavy demand.

Throughout this guide where electronic copies of texts from your reading list are available, links have been provided.

The Poetry Handbook - J. Lennard (when prompted, use your Oxford SSO username and password)

Metre, Rhythm and Verse-Form - P. Hobsbaum (when prompted, use your Oxford SSO username and password)

(N.B. If you are not connected to the Oxford network you will need to login with your Oxford Single Sign On (SSO) username and password to gain full access to these online resources)

Blackwell Reference Online

Blackwell Reference Online provides full text access to key reference works. The texts are fully searchable and chapters can be read online in html format.

You can view an online tutorial for Blackwell Reference Online, produced by Wiley.
(N.B. the tutorial is free to view, you just need to enter your details in a simple form to register and the 7 minute video tutorial will then start automatically)

A Companion to the Victorian Novel edited by P. Brantlinger and W.B. Thesing. Blackwell Publishing, 2005.


Ebrary Academic Complete

Ebrary Academic Complete is a collection of over 88,000 e-books on all from a range of academic publishers. For Literature, both texts and critical works are available. Books can be downloaed for up to 14 days (Single Sign on needed) to laptops and mobile devices including i- and android phones, iPads and some ereaders (not Kindles)

English Romatic Poets - M.H.Abrams

Cambridge Collections Online

Cambridge Collections Online provides fully searchable online editions of all the Cambridge Companions series in Literature, Classics, Philosophy, Religion and Culture.  You can search by specific title and also by keyword within the text. Individual chapters can be viewed as pdf files, which replicate the print version of the book, or in html for onscreen viewing.

If you want to learn more about Cambridge Collections Online, look at the Introduction to Cambridge Companions Online, produced by Cambridge University Press

Year 1 Year 2
Cambridge Companion to the Victorian Novel Cambridge Companion to Modernism
Cambridge Companion to Victorian Poetry Cambridge Companion to Critical Theory
Cambridge Companion to Spenser Cambridge Companion to Feminist Literary Theory
Cambridge Companion to the Sonnet Cambridge Companion to James Joyce
  Cambridge Companion to Joseph Conrad
  Cambridge Companion to T.S. Eliot
  Cambridge Companion to Virginia Woolf
  Cambridge Companion to English Renaissance Tragedy

EBL - the E-Book Library

The E Book Library (EBL) is a growing collection of ebooks from major academic publishers worldwide in humanities, science and medicine and social studies, including titles from Taylor and Francis, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, deGruyter, Springer, World Scientific and others.

"Owned" books may be browsed online or downloaded and read off-line for 24 hours on laptops and mobile devices, including i- and android phones, iPads and some ereaders (not Kindles).

The Spenser Encyclopedia - A.C. Hamilton

Oxford Scholarship Online

Oxford Scholarship Online contains a growing collection of humanities and social science ebooks published by Oxford University Press. Over 600 literature titles are available and the collection can be browsed by subject. Book chapters can be read online or downloaded as PDFs.

The Woman Reader 1837-1914 - Kate Flint