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French Special Collections: Mylne Collection

Mylne Collection

The Mylne collection is named after Professor Vivienne Mylne, a scholar of French literature and specialist in the 18th-century French novel. It is a collection of 1,007 titles mostly 18th-century French novels (and some other works which are not novels and including translations of works from other languages) built up over a period of twenty years or so.  The collection came to the library in 1992 after Professor Mylne's death.

It is a remarkable 18th-century French collection in a library renowned for the strength of its eighteenth-century French collections. The Mylne collection contains at least one or two titles by most of the better-known and many less well-known or even downright obscure French novelists of the 18th- century (with the exception of Jean-Jacques Rousseau whose works do not feature).

The Mylne collection is currently housed at the Bodleian Storage Facility (BSF) at Swindon from where volumes can be called up by stack request.

Many of these volumes are freely available online thanks to the Google Digitization Project.