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French Special Collections: Mazarinades

What are mazarinades?

These were pamphlets printed from about 1648 until 1653 to protest against the undue influence of Cardinal Mazarin, Louis XIV's chief advisor, over the young king.  In 1648 Louis XIV was ten years of  age and Mazarin was wielding great power.  The mazarinades were published during the rebellion against Mazarin's rule known as Le Fronde.  This rebellion gave rise to an unprecedented explosion of  unauthorized pamphlets.

Taylorian collection of mazarinades: arrangement

We have a collection of over 1705 mazarinades in six different collections:

16 vols. 116 F.1-16

               116 F.17-19

4 vols.     76 I. 16-19

1 vol.       Vet Fr I.B.191

6 vols.     Vet.Fr.I.B.192-197

1 box       Vet.Fr.I B.221

These items are not separately catalogued but the Library's holdings are recorded in the Bibliographie des mazarinades (Moreau)(ZB.730.5 (v1-3)) by pencil shelf-marks in the margins referring to the above series.  Other penicl marks in the margins of Vol. 1 have no reference to the Taylorian holdings and should be disregarded.  In general, no attempt has been made to differentiate between different printings.

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Taylorian mazarinades: documents and files

To read the bibliography click on the downward pointing arrow (in the white box) for Downloads and read as a pdf file.  You may need to use the CRTL +J keys.

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