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Forestry: Bulletins, Working Plans and Maps

Subjects: Forestry


15/6/2017 Please note that the printed forestry bulletin collection that was located on Level 5 of the RSL is currently being moved to off-site storage. During the re-location period it will not be possible to consult items from this collection. In the future, items from this collection will need to be ordered to the RSL from off-site storage. We currently expect it will be possible to order items from October 2017.

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Forestry Bulletin List

You can download a list of bulletin series held in the Forestry collection below. The list is arranged alphabetically by country.

Forestry Maps

There are nearly 1500 maps relating to the forestry collection in the Lankester Room.  They are housed in hanging map cabinets located against the North wall. There is a card catalogue with the cabinets, for consultation. Forestry maps catalogued on SOLO have shelfmark 'M' followed by an accession number.

Forestry Microfilm

Many of the back issues of forestry serials and bulletins are available on microfilm or microfiche. They are located on Level 2 of the RSL, opposite the staffed area.

There is a microfilm reader and printer available near the microfilm cabinets. Please ask staff for help settin up the microfilm reader.

Working Plans List

Forestry Bulletins

Please note that the forestry bulletin is currently being relocated and is unavailable. Please see the note above.

The Oxford Forest Information Service has a rich collection of grey literature - most of it donated from all over the world, and some of it dating back to the late 19th century. These are all kept together on Level 5 of the RSL. 

Not all of the material is catalogued on SOLO. The 'Forest Science Database' produced by CABI, acts as a catalogue to the forestry material. Forest Science is available via OxLIP+ .

Bulletin filing sequence

The bulletins are filed in a hierarchical order - first A-Z by country, then by organization and department or other subdivision, and finally by series title.  The shelfmarks are idiosyncratic, and mostly abbreviated - so you may need assistance to locate the item you are looking for.

For example, the publications of the US Forest Service are filed at: BN/USA/DA/ForServ.

Many bulletins are also filed under 'Misc' followed by the date of publication if they are not in a series. Material is filed under the spelled out name of the organization. There is also a section 'International' for organizations such as IUFRO (International Organization of Forestry Research Organizations) or FAO.

Oversize bulletins

The bulletin sequence starts on the left-hand side of the room if you are coming from the glass atrium and continue all the way round the walls and the small shelving units within the bays. Immediately after the end of this sequence, is the start of the oversize section - mainly in grey conservation boxes. If you can't find a bulletin in the main sequence it may be in the oversize sequence.


Forestry working plans

Working plans / management plans

These were a compulsory part of the MSc course and its predecessor courses.  They are projects that involved the inventory and proposed management of a particular wood, usually for the succeeding five years. In general,  the MSc working plans covered local Oxfordshire woods, such as Bagley and Wytham woods. The collection also includes many official working plans compiled by the forest services of the respective countries. A list of working plans is available for download from the box on the left.

Location in the RSL

Working plans are located on Level 2 of the RSL. They are filed by country, then forest or wood, and finally by author. A listing of the plans is available.

Indian working plans

These are located in the Oriental Institute Library. Please contact staff there for assistance.

Availability on SOLO

All the UK working plans can be found on SOLO, as well as more recently acquired ones from abroad.  The OLIS shelfmark is in the format THESES:WP/UK/Wytham.

There are handlists listing all the working plans available for consultation. You can download a copy freely from the box on the left.

Timber Research Documents

The library holds collections of papers, reports and bulletins focused on timber research covering topics such as wood properties, timber processing, wood preservation, construction using wood, the timber industry etc. At present, these collections are not listed on SOLO but can be searched using card catalogues. Before consulting these collections it is advisable to contact the Subject Librarian for Biology and Forestry to discuss how the material can best be searched and accessed. 

TRADA material

The library holds a large collection of material from the Timber Research And Development Association (TRADA). This material is located on Levels 5 and 7 of the RSL. Some of the material is arranged by author name with the remainder arranged according to geographical location, publishing institution or the type of publication. To find material in the collection a card index is available and also an overview listing of the contents which can be downloaded as a spreadsheet using the link below.

BRE material

The Buildings Research Establishment (BRE) collections are held on Level 2 and Level 5 of the RSL. Documents on Level 2 are held on microfiche, those on Level 5 are on paper. The collection can be searched using a card index which is available on Level 2 of the RSL.