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Forestry: Forestry Archive Material

Subjects: Forestry

FRP Tables

These Excel documents contain lists of the FRP material. They are arranged into three sequences as described in the box on the right.

FRP Links

These links provide access to further information about the FRP and an on-line archive of many of the FRP documents which the RSL holds in hard copy.

Forestry Research Programme (FRP)

The Forestry Research Programme (which closed in 2006) helped to provide research support to projects aiding the forest-dependant poor in a number of developing countries. Many of the paper archives and documents relating to the work of the FRP have been preserved at the Radcliffe Science Library. Work has been undertaken to sort and catalogue the FRP archive to make it more easily available to researchers in the future. The archive contains a range of materials including publications from FRP projects and accompanying administrative documents.


The FRP archive is stored offsite in our Book Storage Facility (BSF) in Swindon.

Numbered FRP Sequences

The catalogued FRP material is contained in a sequence of individually numbered archive boxes arranged in three sequences according to the type of material.

Boxes held Offsite can be found and recalled using the SOLO library catalogue. Please allow between 24 - 48 hours for delivery of material to the library.

1XXX - Project Report Sequence - Stored Offsite

2XXX - Background Sequence - Stored Offsite

3XXX - Admin Sequence - Stored Offsite

Finding Aids

You can find more details about the contents of each FRP box using the set of Excel spreadsheets which can be download from the box on the left. These spreadsheets contain more detailed information about the contents of each box (e.g. project title and number).

When you have found the boxes you are interested in, the spreadsheet will tell you the box barcode number.

Make a note of the barcode numbers and Library staff will be able to help you order boxes of material back from offsite for consultation.

Oxford Digital Library for Forestry

Full-text pdfs of Oxford Forestry Institute and Commonwealth Forestry Association publications are available below.

A number of digitised documents from the Oxford Forestry Institute have now also been placed onto the ORA repository.

(Commonwealth Forestry Review  v.41 (1962)-v.77 (1998) available via JSTOR

International Forestry Review v.22 (2020) - available via BioOne)

Forestry Institute Papers

The library holds a small collection of papers, manuscripts and photographs from former members of the Oxford Forestry Institute. The contents of the archive are as follows -

Please note that these archives are not fully listed and are kept in closed stacks. If you wish to view these archives please contact the Radcliffe Science Library.