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History, American: Newspapers

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Important newspapers and magazines

Listed here are some of the most important and useful newspapers and magazines for US History. Some are available only in print or microform, others can be searched full-text and read online.

For a full list of newspapers held on microform at the VHL, click here. For more detailed information on newspapers and magazines available in Oxford and online, see the following posts from the US Studies Resources at Oxford blog:

See also newspapers on the web.

Newspaper and magazine archives on the web

Finding US newspapers elsewhere in the UK

Between them, libraries in the UK hold quite a wide range of US newspapers, so if you can't find things here in Oxford or online, you may well be able to track them down in other libraries.   The best starting place is the British Library, and you can search their newspaper catalogues online.

Quite a few other libraries in the UK also have varying collections of US newspapers. The best way to find these is to search COPAC.