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3D Printing and Scanning: Free 3D Models

This guide give you information on 3D printing and scanning services provided by the Radcliffe Science Library, along with links to helpful 3D printing, scanning, and modelling resources and tips.

3D Printing Services

We have relaunched our 3D printing service.

Please note that our 3D printing service is only available to members of Oxford University. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to offer printing services to external organisations, businesses or private individuals.

3D Model Repositories

You can search for pre-existing models on the Internet to print as they are, or to modify using 3D modelling software.

Examples Printed at the RSL

Here are 3 examples printed at the RSL: a Penrose Triangle, a T-Rex skull, and an Astronaut. (Downloaded from

3D printed t-rex head and astronaut


Random assortment of 3D Prints at the RSL:

assortment of 3D printed models