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Canadian law: Canadian law

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Canadian law: quick start

The Law Bod has subscriptions to legal databases which are good for Canadian materials: for licensing reasons access is limited to current OU students & faculty members. Principal examples can be reached via links below.

There are some reliable sources of Canadian law on the free web. CanLII is the most useful starting point for primary sources both federal and provincial. 

Please check the other sections of this Libguide for other online resources & more detailed research guidance.

Printed Resouces

The Bodleian Law Library collection of Canadian materials have shelf marks beginning Cw. Can. 
(The Cw.  refers to the Commonwealth of Nations of which Canada is a member. For more information about the Commonwealth of Nations, see theCommonwealth Secretariat website.)

Monographs are on Level 2.
Cw. Can. 510 - Indicates books on federal Canadian law, or the law of the common law provinces.

Cw. Can. 610 - Indicates commentary relating to the law of Quebec

Primary sources, & law journals 2000 & onwards are on Level 1 (One).

In the library catalogue some materials have "(sec coll)" after the shelfmark, e.g. Cw Can. 510 O81a2 (sec coll). This designates older material - often superseded editions. They are available on Level 0.

Printed works which deal with more than one jurisdiction (eg comparative studies) are in a separate section of the Law Bod with shelf marks starting General or Cw Gen.

Please ask a librarian for directions when you are in the Law Bod.

SOLO is the online Union catalogue to discover Law Bod's collections.


If you would like some help with SOLO, please try the Libguide below - and/or have a chat with a librarian when next in the Law Bod!


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