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Guide to library provision for Slavonic and East European History and Social Sciences

Purpose of this guide

This guide is intended for students and researchers studying Slavonic and East European Studies at the University of Oxford, although students and researchers from any field may find it useful.

The ongoing war in Ukraine means that some of the sources we indicate here may cause offence or distress. As the Collection Management Policy explains, our purpose is to provide the material our users need - whether or not this material accords with the convictions of staff members. We remind users to attend to their wellbeing, as they pursue their study of this region - and to address any questions or concerns to Eleanor Peers, the Subject Consultant.

There is some overlap between Slavonic and East European Area Studies and Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, because the Tsarist Empire and Soviet Union incorporated territories in the Caucasus and Central Asia. Please also contact Eleanor Peers about material with a primary focus on the Tsarist Empire, Soviet Union, or contemporary Eurasia, even if it is written or published in the Caucasus or Central Asia. The University's main collections on Central Asia and the Caucasus in particular are in the Nizami Ganjavi Library; you will find more information in the Subject Guide on the Caucasus and Central Asia.

Use this guide to find out about books and online resources for Slavonic and East European Studies, including ebooks, ejournals and bibliographic databases.

Finding books for Slavonic and East European Studies

Oxford has a wide range of ebooks for Slavonic and East European Studies and printed books, including collections in the Social Science Library and the Taylor Institution Library.  For more detailed info about our book collections visit the books page of this guide.

You can search SOLO, the University's resource discovery tool, using Cyrillic - however it's best to start searching using keywords transcribed into the Latin alphabet, using Library of Congress transliteration (see the link in the 'Key Online Resources' box below). For example, the word энциклопедия will be Ėnt͡siklopedii͡a. SOLO will recognise the Latin letters, without the marks above them (the diacritics) - you don't have to worry about those! There are a very few records in the British Standard System, which would render энциклопедия as entsiklopediya.

Key journals

Many journals, as well as being available in print, are available online and can be searched via SOLO or eJournals A-Z. Below are a few of the top journals for Slavonic and East European Studies. You can find a longer list on the journals page of this guide.

Key databases

Oxford subscribes to many bibliographic databases. They can be used to locate journal articles, conference proceedings, books, patents, images, data and more. You can find some of the key databases for Slavonic and East European Studies below, but take a look at the databases page of this guide for more titles.

Key online resources

There are many online resources relevant to Slavonic and East European Studies. You can find out about them in more detail on the Free Online Resources page. Here are a few you might find especially helpful:

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