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International law courts, cases & commentary: Cases

Law reports, judgments & awards

The links below list the major electronic resources for holders of an Oxford Single Sign On.

Printed resources

The LawBod shelves, on Floor 3,  various series of public international law reports as follows

Internat 100 - General collections
            eg International Law Reports Internat 100 I61

Internat 120 - Permanent Court of International Justice

Internat 121 - International Court of Justice: reports

Internat 122 - International Court of Justice: pleadings

Internat 123 - Unofficial collections
             eg World Court Reports Internat 123 H886

Internat 130 - Permanent Court of Arbitration

Internat 135 - Collections of arbitral awards
            eg WTO Dispute settlement reports Internat 135 W927b

Internat 136 E90a - European Patent Office Reports

Internat 140 - Individual arbitration tribunals: proceedings and awards

Internat 150 - European Court of Human Rights

Court decisions: free online resources

Current international law courts and tribunals have websites, most including free access to (at least some of) their decisions.
They will, of course, be the first place to make breaking/new decisions available.
Indeed, many allow you to watch live video links to court sessions and/or offer an archive of video recordings.

Each website is also a useful starting point to understanding the history of the court, details of its running, staffing and rules of practice and procedure.