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Scotland: legal resources: Law reform

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Scottish Law Commission

The Scottish Law Commission was set up by the Law Commissions Act 1965.  It is funded by the Scottish Government Constitution, Law and Courts Directorate, but its role is to offer the Scottish government independent advice on law reform. It is the Scottish parliament/legislature which has the final role in deciding whether to enact the suggestions (that is to say, make them law).

Standard forms of abbreviation for a report: Scot Law Com No 232 or SLC232

The print copies of publications are held on Floor 0, as part of the Official Papers collection. They are also available as free downloads from the second link below.

In areas of law which are not unique to Scotland, the Scottish Law Commission can produce a report and advice jointly with the Law Commission of England & Wales. Consequently you may encounter citations such as Law Com 298/Scot Law Com 202 or LC298/SLC202,

Legislature & Executive

Responsibilities of the Cabinet Secretary for Justice include

  • police
  • courts, sentencing
  • justice system and criminal law procedure
  • violence reduction
  • criminal justice social work, victims, witnesses, female offenders
  • human rights
  • prisons and prisoners
  • reducing reoffending
  • security
  • youth justice

Minister for Community Safety's responsibilities include

  • community safety
  • access to justice
  • anti-sectarianism
  • anti-social behaviour
  • civil law
  • fire and rescue services
  • liquor licensing
  • legal profession

Law Society of Scotland