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International law: from 1945 to date: IOs & NGOs

International Organizations (IOs)

‘The term “international organization” refers to an organization established by a treaty or other instrument governed by international law and possessing its own international legal personality. International organizations may include as members, in addition to States, other entities’ (Art. 2 lit. a DARIO, Yearbook of the International Law Commission [2011] vol. II, Part 2).

Printed materials

Internat 680 is the section dealing specifically with international organisations, but searches of SOLO may well uncover useful titles in other sections.

The specific subject search for SOLO is (annoyingly) International agencies

In MEPIL, start with article "International Organizations or Institutions, General Aspects" - and work out from there via the links etc

See further the guide written by our colleague in the Bodleian Official Papers

Non governmental organizations (NGOs)