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International law: from 1945 to date: Criticism & reform

Critical Theories and Movements

Critical approaches & responses to the white, Western European, Christian, colonialist, patriarchal, capitalist roots/assumptions of PIL

For starting points for Marxist, Soviet USSR & Russian voices on international law there is a separate page in this guide.

Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) 1961-

New Approaches to International Law (NAIL)

UN Resolution 3201 ‘Declaration on the Establishment of a New International Economic Order’
‘united determination to work urgently for the Establishment of a New International Economic Order based on equity, sovereign equality, interdependence, common interest and cooperation among all States, irrespective of their economic and social systems which shall correct inequalities and redress existing injustices, make it possible to eliminate the widening gap between the developed and developing countries and ensure steadily accelerating economic and social development and peace and justice for present and future generations’. UNGA Doc A/RES/3201(S-VI)

Third World Approaches to International Law (TWAIL)

Other reform streams

Pre-1945 History of PIL