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Comparative law: study & application: Private international law

Private international law or Conflict of laws

Considers questions of jurisdiction, choice of law in cross-border cases, and the recognition and enforcement of foreign jurisdictions.

To do a subject search in SOLO, use the exact phrase Conflict of laws.
To this you could add a jurisdiction eg Conflict of laws - Brazil.
Alternatively, if your starting point is an area of law, you may be worth adding the general area discription eg Conflict of laws - Antitrust law
For this subject you may need to travel round the Law Bod : make a note of the call number/shelf mark on the Find & Request tab of a SOLO result screen, then ask a member of staff for directions!

Texts on topic

Law Library: Reserve Collection please ask for any book in this collection from the Law Enquiry Desk

Private Int books with this shelf mark are on Level 3. As are journals 2000 onwards. Older issues are on the Ground Floor

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