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Criminal law & justice: Cases

Finding reports & transcripts of English criminal cases

The principal printed reports which include modern English criminal cases are listed below. The usual abbreviation used in citations to each report is given in bold first, as that is what you will see in footnotes and tables of cases.

  • AC Appeal Cases
  • All ER All England Reports
  • Cox CC Cox's Criminal Cases
  • Cr App R Criminal Appeal Reports
  • Cr App R (S) Criminal Appeal Reports (Sentencing)
  • KB King's Bench QB Queen's Bench
  • QBD Queen's Bench Division
  • TLRTimes Law Reports
  • WLR Weekly Law Reports

Neutral citations

These citations can be used in subcription databases to find, at least, the transcript of the judgment. If the case was subsequently reported, then the database will alert you to this fact.

  • UKHL United Kingdom House of Lords
  • UKSC United Kingdom Supreme Court
  • EWCA Crim England & Wales Court of Appeal Criminal Division
  • EWHC (QB)England & Wales High Court  (Queen's Bench Division) or (KB) (King's Bench Division)

International Human Rights & administration of criminal justice

Puzzled by Crim LR citation?

Crim LR is the abbreivation for the Criminal Law Review - in other words, a specialist law journal (which happens to publish useful case notes) not a law report series.

As it is a journal, it is shelved among the journals.

OU members have online access to this journal - but only from 1986 onwards -  via Westlaw UK (see link below)

Foreign court decisions