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Constitutions, constitutional & administrative law: Constitutions

Constitutions: finding the official text - and reliable translations into English

The official text of a country's constitution is self-evidently in the official language(s) of that nation. To find these it is probably best to go to an official government website of that country suggestions include the website of the President or Legislature, Consitutional or Supreme Court - as applicable.

Sometimes the official government website will provide a text of the national constitution in English translation (this does not make the translation an official text). If there is not a translation - or if  your research means you are interested in seeing translations of many constitutions holders of an Oxford SSO have the following resoures at their disposal:

The following is available to all with access to the internet

Historic constitutions: finding the texts in print

Finding the text in print

In the collection with shelf mark General you can find Constitutions of the countries of the world  General 510 C759  & Constitutions of dependencies and territories General 510 C760. The physical volumes ceased to be updated in 2020, as it is now available online. The Law Library has kept the previously superseded pages: should you wish to see these, please email in advance of your visit.

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