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Purpose of this guide

This guide is intended for students and researchers studying law and religion at the University of Oxford, although students and researchers from any field may find it useful.

Use this guide to find out about books and online resources for law and religion, including ebooks, ejournals, bibliographic databases.

Law & religion: quick start

The following are some potentially useful databases available to holders of an Oxford SSO.

The following are Open Access books available to anyone with access to the internet

The Bodleian Law Library (the Law Bod) has extensive open shelf collections over four floors.  These floors are all connected by both stairs and a lift.
Depending again on the nature & scope of your research, you may well be visiting more than one floor.
A general guide to the floors is:
Level 2, the entrance level to the Library
If your interest is philosophical/theoretical in whole or in part: monographs beginning Jurisp, or KA 
If your research has a jurisdictional focus: British Isles, Australia, Canada, Ireland, NZ and USA works the KB-KN shelfmark section.
Comparative studies (2 or more jurisdictions),  in the collection with shelf marks starting General.

Level 3, the floor above the entrance level
European Union law (shelf mark Euro Comm) 
Laws of the European countries (their shelf marks begin with the English name of the nation eg Greece)
International law (including international human rights) shelf marks beginning Internat and Private Int

Level 1, the floor below the entrance level
Laws of the remaining jurisdictions of the world  (their shelf marks begin with the English name of the nation eg India)

For more detailed guidance, please see the Books page in this guide.

If you are new to this topic, the following books may be useful starting points

Searches in SOLO may well reveal other parts of the Bodleian hold materials useful for your research. Please check their websites for opening hourse, services etc.

Requesting books held in Remote Storage (aka BSF)

If you notice books you would like to read are in the Closed Stacks, sign into SOLO and you by making a Hold Request you can ask for the book to be delivered to the Bodleian Reading Room of your choice.  The link immediately below goes into this procedure in further detail - and any Bodleian Librarian is happy to explain this procedure - so please do ask when next you are in the Library. 

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