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Resources for medievalists in Hispanic Studies: Linguistic tools and texts online

Online resources for Hispanic medieval studies

Paleography tool

The Spanish Paleography Digital Teaching and Learning Tool is an online interactive resource to assist users in the learning of the deciphering and reading of manuscripts written in Spanish during the early modern period, roughly from the late 15th to the 18th century. This Tool presents digitized manuscripts, typed transcriptions and sample alphabets to help the user decipher and read the early-modern Spanish handwriting styles. The main content of the Spanish Paleography Tool consists of a selected number of digital copies of manuscripts from La Española dating from sixteenth and seventeenth century. The sample manuscripts showcased in the Tool are representative of the different handwriting styles prevalent throughout the Spanish-language world during early modern times: cortesana handwriting, procesal handwriting, encadenada handwriting, and humanística handwriting.  This tool is an open source project of the CUNY Dominican Studies Institue (CUNY DSI) at the City College of New York.

Historical dictionaries and corpora

Digital texts

This is just a small collection of the many digital collections available. If you are interested in a particular author, there may well be a specific digitised collection of their texts available.