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Shakespeare: a short guide to online resources: Introduction

Online resources for Shakespeare
Subjects: English


This guide is intended as a quick introduction to some of the key online resources for Shakespeare available via SOLO as well as some freely available web resources.

Why use online resources?
There are three main advantages to using online resources:

  • They are available to use wherever you can access the internet
  • You don't have to wait for books to be returned to the library before accessing original or critical works
  • They provide powerful search tools enabling fast searching of texts for themes you want to explore.

The databases can help you locate references to books and journal articles on a particular topic, as well as providing electronic access to the full-text of poems, plays, book reviews and bibliographies.

You can print, download or email information retrieved from most of these. Other recommended peer-reviewed web resources can also provide you with valuable research tools.

Using a combination of print and online resources will provide you with a much wider range of material than relying on what you can find on the library shelves.


Useful links


Databases A - Z

For access to the majority of resources covered in this guide go to the ‘English’ section of the subject list on Databases A-Z. You will find the Shakespeare Collection and the Arden Shakespeare under the sub-heading ‘Author-specific resources’; Cambridge Collections Online and Blackwell Reference Online are listed under ‘Reference & Criticism’. Alternatively, you can search for each separate resource in the Title List option. Film resources are listed under the Film Studies subject area.