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Modern Languages for Continuing Education: Russian

Guide to resources available for language students, from the Continuing Education Department or online.

Other useful guides

Transliteration and Keyboards

Information about converting Russian book titles into a form that you can use in a SOLO search, and how to use a QWERTY keyboard to type in the Cyrillic alphabet.

Russian Newspapers

Online access to Russian newspapers

Internet resources recommended by the Russian and Slavonic Librarian

Free online courses

Below are some sites that provide free online resources to help you learn Russian.

Russian language books at Continuing Education

Some books are kept in the Language cupboard at Ewert House, while others are in the Library at Rewley House. Those at Rewley House can be found at the call number 491.7

Below are some examples of books that are held at the Rewley House Library. Continuing Education students may borrow these books.

Russian literature at Continuing Education

The Library holds a large collection of Russian literature in translation, including works by Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chekhov and Bulgakov. These are in Lower Library at the call number 891.7

Most of our books of Russian literature are in English, but the following books include the original Russian text as well as the English translation:

E-books via SOLO

You can find e-books purchased by the Bodleian Libraries by searching SOLO . To access the full text, use PCs in the Library or in the Resource room at Ewert House.

Below are a few examples of e-books you can find on SOLO.