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Modern Languages for Continuing Education: French

Guide to resources available for language students, from the Continuing Education Department or online.


The Library has a collection of films which are available to borrow or to watch in the Library with headphones. See the Library website for details.

Please note: the films listed below are available in VHS format only (not DVD).

French Language films (with English subtitles) include:

    • À bout de souffle (Jean-Luc Godard) (1960)
    • Ridicule (Patrice Leconte) (1996)
    • Au revoir les enfants (Louis Malle) (1987)
    • La règle du jeu (Jean Renoir) (1939)
    • Les quatre cents coups ( François Truffaut) (1959)

    Online resources for French Language

    These websites provide free online resources to help you learn and practice French.

    Online resources for French Literature

    These resources are suitable for students who are studying French Literature.

    French books at Continuing Education

    Some books are kept in the Language cupboard at Ewert House, while others are in the Library at Rewley House. Those at Rewley House can be found at the following call numbers:

    443 French/English dictionaries
    445 Books for students of French, including textbooks, grammar, and simple stories



    French Literature - overviews and histories of French literature ( in English)

    French Literature - works - in both English translation and French

    Below are some examples of books that are held at the Rewley House Library. Continuing Education students may borrow these books.



    Many e-books purchased by Bodleian Libraries are available and can be found on SOLO. You can access the content of these on computers in the Library or in the Resource Room at Ewert House.

    E-books may include books written in English about French language, literature and culture, as well as books written in French. Below are a few examples and there are many more on SOLO. To search for books in French, go to Advanced Search, click on "Any language" and select French from the dropdown menu. To find e-books, refine your results to 'show only online resources'.

    Open Access e-books

    Some e-books are available online from any internet connection, without the need for a log in. These are marked on SOLO as "Open Access". Some examples of open access French books available via SOLO are below: