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Art History for Continuing Education short courses: Finding images

A guide to resources for Art History.

Finding images

You may wish to find images, both for your own study and to illustrate assignments. It is easy to find free images on the internet using tools such as Flickr and Google Image search. However, when using tools such as these, you need to be aware of both quality and copyright issues.

The box Copyright at Oxford, on the right, will help you to explore these issues in more depth.

For a fully comprehensive guide check the following LibGuide:

If you use image databases purchased by Oxford University, you will be assured of a higher quality product, and images on these databases are copyright cleared for educational use.

In the box below some key image databases for History of Art. To find others, go to Databases A-Z, choose the Subject tab, select Art and Architecture, then Images.

If you wish to use image databases at home, you will need to use your Single Sign On (available to all students with a full University card)

Remember that images need to be cited, just as other material you refer to in your assignments.

Key digital images databases

Oxford collections


Copyright at Oxford


This database is maintained by the French Ministry of Culture for objects in the collections of the main French public and private museums listed as Musees de France.