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Garden History for Continuing Education: Finding e-books

A guide to finding information on Garden History and the Designed Landscape

Key reference titles

Finding and accessing e-books on SOLO

The results of search on SOLO may include e-books. The title will include [electronic resource] and 'View Online' will be displayed instead of Find & Request. Click the 'View Online' to access the item. All students can access electronic resources from PCs in the Library or elsewhere in the department, but you will need your Single Sign on if you are not connected to the Oxford network.

Some records may have a orange dot labeled 'Online access is restricted to computers in any of the Bodleian Libraries' These are Electronic Legal Deposit books, for more information on this see the Electronic Legal Deposit guide.

If you have entered a search on SOLO, you can choose to see only online items by clicking  'Online Resources' at the top of the results screen if displayed.

To search specifically for e-books:

  • Enter your search terms in the SOLO search box
  • Select 'Books' from the 'All items' dropdown box
  • Select 'Online Resources' fom the 'All libraries/Collections' drop down box

Please note: there are very few current garden history e-books in the Oxford collections. However, many historic works are available.

E-book collections

Many e-books are part of collections. By going to the collection, you can search across all books, or sometimes a subject sub set. Some of the main collections which include Garden History, particularly older texts,  are listed here. You can also access collections via SOLO. Individual titles from the collections will be catalogued on SOLO.

Free E-books

Many e-books are freely available. These are generally older titles that are out of copyright.

  Remote access

To access e-books and databases off campus:

Sign on to SOLO using your Single Sign On. This allows you to access most e-resources as if you were on campus. 

The Single Sign On is available to all students on award bearing courses who hold a full University card

For further information see the Bodleian Libraries remote access guide.