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Using SOLO to find Film Studies material: Examples

and a guide to the Film Studies Classification Scheme
Subjects: English, Film Studies

Example 1: History of German film

Hake, Sabine (2002). German national cinema. London: Routledge.

[PN1993.5.G3 HAK 2002]

Literature (general) (n.b. Film Studies is classified in this broad section)
1993.5 History of film
.G3 Germany
HAK First three letters of the author’s surname
2002 Date of publication

Example 2: Criticism of individual German director

Hoeppner, Klaus (ed.) (2001). Fritz Lang: Filmblätter.
Filmographie. Bibliografie. Berlin: Filmmuseum Berlin.

[PN1998.3.L36 FRI 2001]

PN Literature (general)
1998.3 Biography: individual directors
.L36 Lang, Fritz
FRI First three letters of the title (edited work)
2001 Date of publication

Example 3: Criticism of specific German film

Elsaesser, Thomas (2000). Metropolis. London: BFI.

[PN1997.M436 ELS 2000]

PN Literature (general)
1997 Individual motion pictures
.M436 Metropolis
ELS First three letters of the author’s surname
2000 Date of publication