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Education: introduction to libraries and resources: Books

Subjects: Education

Search SOLO

Learn about advanced search features in the full guide to SOLO.

Search Copac

Search library holdings for other academic institutions in the UK.

Google Books

First stop for books on Education

Search all of Oxford's collections

  • Search SOLO (Search Oxford Libraries Online), for print and electronic books.

Search the Bodleian Education Library only

  • Searches can be limited to the Education Library. Choose Education Library from the All libraries/ collections dropdown menu, as shown below:

Make the most of libraries around Oxford

Although the Bodleian Education Library is likely to be your first choice for books on Education, you may also find some of Oxford's other library collections useful.

You can have most Bodleian stack material delivered to the Education Library for you to read. 

Libraries you may want to use include:

Books from libraries outside Oxford


  • Institute of Education Catalogue, for a comprehensive UK education collection, and some useful links to web resources.
  • COPAC, to search a combined catalogue of the major UK Universities.

If you find a book that is not held by Oxford, that you wish to consult, we can try to get it for you through interlibrary loan.

Help, feedback & workshops

Help with using SOLO - If you have difficulties with using SOLO, for example formulating a search or an inability to find certain materials, please contact the SOLO Live Helpdesk which is on the SOLO homepage. If it is unstaffed please use the Ask an Oxford librarian service.

Problems with your SOLO account - If you have a query about your loans, fines, reservations etc. please contact the SOLO Live Helpdesk which is on the SOLO homepage or speak to the librarian at the relevant library.

SOLO workshops - To find out about SOLO workshops and to book your place see our timetable.

SOLO Feedback - Please use the SOLO feedback form to tell us what you think about the interface and the general SOLO user experience.