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United Nations: Official Records

United Nations Official Records

 The UN system is based on five principal organs: the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), the Secretariat, and the International Court of Justice. Below are some useful guide produced by the United Nations. 

The Official Papers collection holds a comprehensive set of official records and documents in print available on open shelf on the ground floor. Please contact, for assistance. 


Diplomatic conferences

Official records of the following diplomatic conferences are available on the UN Diplomatic Conferences website.

  • Law of the Sea, 1958
  • Conference on Elimination or Reduction of Future Statelessness, 1959-1961
  • Law of the Sea (Second Conference), 1960
  • Conference on Diplomatic Intercourse and Immunities, 1961
  • Conference on Consular Relations, 1963
  • Conference on the Law of Treaties, 1968-1969
  • Law of the Sea (Third Conference), 1973-1982
  • Conference on the Representation of States in their Relations with International Organizations, 1975
  • Conference on Succession of States in Respect of Treaties, 1977-1978
  • Conference on Succession of States in Respect of State Property, Archives and Debts, 1983
  • Conference on the Law of Treaties between States and International Organizations or between International Organizations, 1986
  • Conference on the Establishment of an International Criminal Court, 1998