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St Hugh's College Library: CD-ROMs and DVDs

CD-ROMs and DVDs

The JCR/MCR's DVD collection is available for loan from the college library. You can find the DVD section in the lobby. DVDs are chosen and paid for by the JCR/MCR.  The lending rules for DVDs are a maximum of 3 items, 3 day loan period, 0 online renewals.

Our collection also includes CD-ROMs that accompany textbooks.  CD-ROMs are also located in the lobby.  The lending rules are the same as for the books they accompany: maximum 20 items, 2 week loan period, up to 4 online renewals.

To borrow DVDs or CD-ROMs, use the self-issue kiosk just as you would to borrow books.  As you leave the library, remember to ‘unlock’ the case using the unit on the wall.  Please return discs to the return bin in the library lobby.

Terms and conditions

When you borrow a DVD, you agree to observe the following:

1. Films may be borrowed on a short-term basis by registered Library users for their own individual private study and non-commercial research.

2. Films may be borrowed by registered Library users and shown to an audience of University staff and students.  Such a showing must be for educational, instructional purposes only. No fee may be charged for the viewing.

3. Films may not be shown to the general public.

4. No copies of a film may be made in any format or media. Digital rights management measures such as copy control mechanisms embedded in the media may not be removed for any purpose.

Using the box unlocker

When you borrow a CD-ROM or DVD, the box will be locked and show a closed red padlock icon.

Once you have borrowed it using the self-service kiosk, pass through the security gates and look for the unlocker unit on the wall (to the right of the door).

Swipe the case through this unit, and check to see that the open green padlock icon is displayed, showing that the case has been unlocked.


Lending rules for discs

Maximum number of items 20 3
Loan period 2 weeks 3 days
Maximum online renewals 4 0