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Opening hours

Regular opening hours for external users:
Monday-Friday 13:30 - 17:30
Closed Periods
Christmas, Easter, August (see our website for full details)
NB, current members of Nuffield College have 24x7 access to the Library with their key.

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Finding books

Books in Nuffield College Library can be found using SOLO



Contact details

Nuffield College tower

Nuffield College Library
New Road
01865 278550





Registration for use of the Library is renewed annually and offered to:

  1. Members and Associate members of the College, former members of the College
  2. Graduate students and staff from other Oxford Colleges and University institutions
  3. Such other persons as may be admitted from time to time by the Librarian.

Applications under a) and b) should be made to the Library Circulation Desk where your University card will be registered for access. Applicants under c) may be admitted at the discretion of the Librarian; applications should be made in advance and should be supported by a Fellow of the College or by a letter of recommendation.


All members of Nuffield College may borrow from the Library

The following have limited borrowing rights (3 books)

  1. Former members of Nuffield College
  2. Members of St Antony's College
  3. Research postgraduates (i.e. DPhil students) and members of academic staff at Oxford University

Please note: taught course (Masters) students and undergraduates may not borrow. The Library has a reference collection of core reading list material for social science courses 

Assistant Librarian

Ed Smithson's picture
Ed Smithson
Nuffield College
New Road
01865 278 550

Library staff

Tessa Richards, Acting Librarian

Diana Hackett, Assistant Librarian

Emma Quinlan, Assistant Librarian

Ed Smithson, Assistant Librarian